Where did all the radiant heat panels go?

I can not find any at all, I’m about to try these sweet heat or Wilbanks new ones I guess. Anyone having luck ?

Contact pro products. I received one from them a couple weeks ago.


I believe it’s a matter of various supply chains being disrupted the last couple years. I have a big brown one from ReptiTherm via ZooMed i think, the only kind I could find anymore, and it ran nicely when I tested it, so it’s going on the enclosure ceiling with a thermostat to control it and I will report if it fails horribly. I think it oughta be fine though. It’s going to get a few days minimum of runtime testing in place to be sure.

Edit: one of these. It says it has an internal thermostat but I’ll be using an outer one anyway.

Are you referring to one of these?

I’ve been considering getting one to try out, I like the idea of a durable movable heat source like this, when a radiant heat panel isn’t ideal.

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Yeah I’m using that, and fixing it to a low ceiling rather than a wall. It’s got spots around the edges to be screw-fixed to something.
The snake in question will have multiple levels to put itself closer or further from the heat, and a warm hide down on the floor as well which I think this snake will want to sleep in during the day, going by his usual habits.

I’m experimenting with it well before I put the snake into the enclosure, of course, but I’ll let you guys know how it does. I figure if it doesn’t work, I can use it elsewhere like for seeds, and set up a CHE and protector guard instead of a panel.


Awesome, look forward to hearing what you think and what results you get.


Just bought one off of Reptile Basics yesterday when I got the notification via email. I know I’ve been searching for a few weeks to no avail. Everyone has been out of stock, which stinks.


Yeah i cant find them im about to bite and try wilbanks new models they are producing now.
I was very satisfied with my reptile basics 80 watts.
Was trying to buy more of them.

Ive built custom cages for all my carpets and only delay ive ran into has been the panels.
I got 3 out of 10 panels so far.


Yes, I got a lovely Reptile Basics panel in one of their smaller sizes for my Bioactive which is stil in the experimental garden stage, and it’s working beautifully- they seem to be reliable…

but that was nearly eight months ago, and even then panels were hard to find. No one had them in stock when I was reptile-supply shopping, so I ordered directly from the company’s own site.

Now? I think they’ll be scarce for a little while as manufacturers source supplies and regroup while we eke our way out of the global pandemic.

“The Bean Farm” may have them as well……

Okay here’s my Report so far-
even without a thermostat on it, the Reptitherm heat panel I am testing only hits about 95 max surface temps. I don’t know if, once the doors are on this 4x2x2, that’s going to be enough to produce Ball Python comfort levels of warmth. I have a house kept at about 69 F.

But the trouble is I can only get so much warmth through the bottom of this PVC enclosure. RH Panels are what this whole build was designed for! If this one isn’t going to work, I’ll need to find a proper one somehow.

So far my best chance is Wilbanks. I’ve heard only good things of them thus far…

The benefit of those reptitherm habitat heaters is you are able to place them on the floor, so until you find a radiant heat panel you can still use that heater for a hot spot.

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I second Pro Products, took only a couple of weeks to ship and they were very transparent about the wait time. Got just the right one for each of my enclosures and the animals in them. Customer service was spectacular
I would definitely recommend payment by mailed money order tho, the card payment method honestly isn’t any more or less strange, and you save a good chunk of money on credit card processing charges.