Where has all the tree frogs gone from the east coast?!

Hi! So I’m from New Hampshire and I’m looking to own my first pair of White Tree Frogs; but gosh I cannot for the life of me find any near me or online! Are they so popular that they sell out? Is there a shortage of frogs? I saw a post asking about frog babies and how they take care of the tadpoles. Do they not all survive? I want a pet where I can listen to at night before I go to sleep and cherish with bugs and spray with a mist bottle and a mist machine. But how do I purchase something that isn’t available? If you know someone in the area who is a breeder or something and can accept holdings of an animal for a few months let me know in the comments! I’m desperate!


It looks like there are some White’s Tree Frogs available from a few sources on the marketplace HERE