Where should we place thermostats in a rack of 10

Whats best for me to do?
I don’t need thermostats in each of the 10 tubs as some will be similar,
Which tub rack level numbers do you think would need thermostats.
I am struggling to decide.
I am thinking 1, 5 and 10.
What would you do?

Are they all going to be kept the same temperature? If so you only need to use 1 thermostat.

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I want just under a degree C difference, so practically the same temps in each, give or take a little
But 1, has no heat from below and 10 has not heat form above.
Also wouldn’t heat rise?


I would think 3, 6, & 9 since they are the furthest apart.


If your only using 1 thermostat I would place it on level 5. There will be a natural gradient anyway as heat rises so the bottom rows will be slightly cooler and top slightly warmer. I use 2 thermostats for my 10 level rack, 1 on 2nd level for bottom 3 and 1 on level 6 for top 7. I also use my bottom drawers for my males BPs and carpets as they like it a bit cooler. I have 1 digital thermometer every 3rd level to monitor temps.