Where to house animals during college

My kids will be going off to college in a few years and I’m planning on caring for their reptiles myself when they leave, but who knows what could happen in a few years. I could get severely injured and not even be able to care for my own animals. I have no close relatives who like reptiles and all of my close friends really only tolerate my reptiles. So I’m wondering, what did you do with your or your kids animals while you or your kid were away?

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This seems less like a “what to do with the kid’s animal(s)?” situation and more a “what to do with a collection if…?” situation.

A couple years back, THN did a show on this and also released a PDF that is basically a form for you to fill out with how you want your collection handled: Who to contact if something happens, who can and cannot take custody of animals, how to utilize any funds from the sales of your animals, what to do with any equipment

I advocate tracking down the show and the form (I may have a copy somewhere, @pcexotics might be able to link it here if he sees this)


yep it’s right here


In the end if neither you nor your children can care for the animals, the responsible thing to do would be for you guys to rehome them. There are a few people I know that had to rehome animals when either moving or going to college because they couldn’t care for them or take the animals with them.