Where to post an Axanthic Iguana rehome/adoption

Have a very healthy blue axanthic iguana I regretfully must rehome. Took a new job and won’t have the time to care for him properly soon. He’s approx 12 months old. I’m also not sure how to properly ship him safely. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.thank you.

Hey Arthur,

You can head over to MorphMarket and create a seller’s profile to list your iguana.

It’ll probably take 5-10 mins to set up.

And here is a guide that will help with shipping.


@arthurtiberiusv Let us know where you are, you could find an interested party close enough to avoid a one time shipping experience.

Anyone interested can send you a private message.

And, always, pictures please!

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Here are a couple good reads about shipping reptiles.

I’m not sure if 12 months is too big to ship or not.

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