Where's my arachnid lovers?

Im specifically asking about spiders and not tarantulas.

Is anyone else as fascinated by arachnids as i am? I know a majority seems to be reptiles but i know people like me who have broad interests.

If you own spiders what species? Or do you plan on getting any? Or if spiders aren’t your thing thats ok too!


I recently got a jumping spider after wanting one for a long time. They are seriously so much fun and not to mention they are adorable!


They are definitely the cutest of all arachnids. I use to catch them but i never kept them but lately i have been thinking of getting some. They are a lot of fun to watch.


I love spiders. I haven’t kept any in a long time but I’d love to get a jumping spider sometime.


I’m working on getting a (small) bioactive terrarium put together so I can start keeping jumping spiders (one at a time). I have a lot going on so it may be awhile before it’s ready for an occupant, but I’ve gotten the ball rolling. :spider:

jumping spider GIF by Head Like an Orange


Imo they are by far the most adorable of all arachnids i think followed by crab spiders and the most beautiful are the orb weavers. The creepiest i have to say are the tarantulas. Im not afraid of species like black widows they actually rarely bite and prefer to run away.

I have nor will i kill any spider i feel bad for them because so many people fear them for no reason and kill them on sight without realizing they serve a vital purpose. I always safely catch and release spiders and never let friends kill them even in thier house.