Which complex would "win"? Pairing could produce Super Cinnamon Super Mojave animals!

Hi all,
The male I initially wanted to use on this female hasn’t been eating as well as I would like, so I’m using a different male for the pairing.

Male: GHI Mojave Cinnamon
Female: Mojave Cinnamon

There is a 1/16 chance that I will hit on animals that are both super cinnamon and super mojave. Not what I’m shooting for, but it does have me curious…

Which complex would “win” phenotypically? BEL complex or 8 Ball Complex?


I know this is unrelated to your question, but are you aware of the risk of defects in Super Cinnamon?


I wouldn’t recommend a pairing that can produce super cinnamons since they often have birth defects and trouble thriving.
But, to answer your question, the double super would be white. It doesn’t matter how much pigments the super cinnamon is producing, when the super mojave is added, it is all removed. Think of it as a reverse of a light and a wall. If you have an extremely bright light (super cinnamon) and you try to shine it through a wall (super mojave), no light is going to get through.


That is what I was thinking as well, that the BEL complex would overpower.

Yes, I am aware of the risks, which is why this male was my back up option. I have been in the hobby since 2010 with a small hiatus, and am well educated on the issues associated with certain morphs.


The dysfuntion in the display of all pigmentation from the BluEL would override the increased melanization SuperCin and, as such, the BluEL would “win” in this case.


Also agreeing on the white snake win.

There may be a subtle difference in the way that the super mojave’s head pattern may show or the yellow stripe they sometimes get may be a bit distorted… but that would be it if that even does occur.

Basically any white offspring would be super mojave (pos ghi and/or super/cinny)


As Travis mentioned it’d just be a white snake. A close friend has a super cinnamon crystal and it’s just a white snake with one tiny yellow splotch on it’s head. Doesn’t even have the typical Crystal pattern/color contrast.