Which gender is better if having a hognose as a pet?

Hello. I am looking into getting a hognose snake as a pet only. I have read that males can be picky and go on hunger strikes and that females make better pets because they are better eaters. I was wondering from those experienced owners out there if this true or if males make good pets too?

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Welcome to the community.
Overall, females seem to be better feeders. But even females can be picky eaters at times, so its not a sure thing. Some, both male or female, can be garbage disposals while others are finicky. Even though they see well some of them seem to be scent driven when it comes to feeding and if it doesn’t smell right, they won’t eat it. Either way the Western Hognose makes a great pet.


Well I have one of each and my female slams her food every time. My male on the other hand is a complete drama queen. I’d get a female if I were you!

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Females make better pets, bigger and a lot less finicky when it comes to food

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I know this is a bit late but thank you for the feedback!