Which morph?

Hello all - I recently purchased an albino leopard gecko from a local seller. She’s my first leopard gecko, although I’ve kept snakes a long time! I was wondering if anyone could take a crack at which type of albino she might be?

Just as a note - she’s only a pet, not a breeder, so there’s no danger of her being bred with unknown genes. She’s a very cool animal, quite different from snake ownership.


Since you said its a pet only you cant really tell what it is without proving it thru out breeding, My guess is an albino Tremper but @mblaney can help

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I would call her a Banded Albino. You cannot determine which strain of albino without extensive test breeding, but Tremper is the most common of the 3 strains. People will say they can definitively tell the 3 strains apart visually (phenotype), but I strongly disagree with those people.

If you get good shots of both of her eyes, it’s possible to take a guess re: ocular mutations. Eclipse is the most common, with Marble Eye a distant second. BAE is still pretty uncommon but is starting to take off. NDBE is associated with a lot of other stuff. (I might be forgetting one?)