Whiptail Scorpion Keeping

So my boyfriend has been begging me to let him get a whiptail Scorpion when we move into our first apartment this coming winter, and after looking at one photo of them I’m freaked out. I hate how they look so so so much. But I figured I should do some research before making up my mind on them, even if I’m not the one caring for it, I know I may need to help with it in case I’m there when my boyfriend is not.

So what exactly are whip scorpions and what is their care like? All I’m getting from my boyfriend is"they’re funky little dudes". And while I have no doubt he’s been researching them and their care (due to the fact that he talks non stop about them) I’m not an invertabrae person so I don’t listen too hard when he goes on long tangents about them lol.


Which kind of whip scorpions are we talking about? Vinegaroons (genus Thelyphonida )? Or tailless whip scorpions (genus Thelyphonida )?


I believe Vinegaroons.

Well, to start with, they are not actually scorpions, they just get the name due to their enlarged, pincer-like pedipalps. They do not sting and are not venomous. They do produce a noxious acidic compound that smells strongly of vinegar, hence their common name. They can also whip their tail about but not in any way that would cause damage.

Care for them is rather basic. A 10G tank filled 1/2-2/3 full of a substrate made up of mostly cocopeat with a little sphagnum moss added in works very well. The substrate should be kept just damp enough to hold structure. These guys are burrowers and love to dig tunnels and rearrange stuff around their cage. I would also advocate adding a light leaf litter layer and numerous cork bark flats as simple cover/hides. You will also need a wide, shallow water bowl. They are fine at room temps, basically if you are comfortable in a t-shirt then they are comfortable as well. Food is pretty much anything they can catch: crix, dubia, mealworms, hornworms, etc. Fewer more frequently is better than a whole bunch all at once.

They cannot climb glass so no real worry about escape, but I still advocate a top on any enclosure


Thanks! They sound a lot easier to take care of than I though they’d be. I personally would prefer to keep an actual scorpion over these guys, but at least they aren’t venomous like real scorpions are.


Same. I would prefer a real scorpion over a whiptail any day. If I were ever to own a scorp I’d probably want a Leiurus quinquestriatus aka the deathstalker scorp. It is potentially deadly but kinda cute as scorps go.

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Funny, I have always wanted a vinegaroon and never felt compelled to keep an actual scorp LOL

Great thing about the hobby, more than enough interesting beasties to go around :grin:


Since I just got my first scorpion I’m starting to consider getting more species and this has actually been on my list for a while. Useful information

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