White and yellow syndrome?

Does breeding a white and yellow to a gecko that is also white and yellow always cause issues? I had never heard of this until I stumbled upon it. Enigma Syndrome I had heard plenty about. I just purchased two geckos that I was very excited to pair, and now I’m nervous that I’ve made a big mistake. The pairing would be as follows (unrelated)

Female: white and yellow, mack snow, bell albino het eclipse

Male: white and yellow super radar

I was excited about the possibility of producing a super mack snow, super white and yellow, bell albino eclipse

Anecdotally I have heard that breeding WY to WY does make it more likely to have geckos with balance issues / WYS but it’s not inherent to the gene or to WY to WY as a pairing. And I really haven’t seen a lot of hard data or proof to back that up.

I personally don’t breed WY to WY to reduce the risk of producing WYS hatchlings but I am also a bit paranoid about that kind of thing.

It’s not like enigma where all of the babies will be effected to varying degrees, though.
It’s really up to you if you go through with the pairing or not, you could breed them and get all hatchlings that are perfectly normal, you could get a few with balance issues as well.

I treat WY on a case by case basis. I have had a few friends breed WY geckos with no issues that have produced babies with WYS, and some people breed them for years and never have an issue. It’s something you should always be aware of though and just pay close attention to your animals (in my opinion at least)!

Hope that helps a little, feel free if you have any questions! Geckoboa has a really good write up on FB on the subject as well.


Thank you, that was very helpful! I dont have Facebook, so it’s been hard finding somewhere to ask these kinds of questions.

I’ll grab a screenshot of that geckoboa article for you in an hour or so! It’s very thorough.