White wall Vs Lilly White?

I’ve been looking at lots of cresties lately, and I’ve really been looking at Lilly whites. Obviously, a lot of people like Lillies, but I noticed that there is a white wall morph that looks very similar to Lilly White, but tends to be less expensive. Why is that so? Is there some obvious glaring difference I’ve just missed, or are they similar?


White wall refers to a solid block of white/cream on the lower lateral.

Like so…(gecko is also a quadstripe)

Lilly White’s are usually a higher white/cream this will show along the lower lateral, belly, dorsal & tail

Like so…

There is also a white out trait similar to white wall but it’s not a solid line across the lower lateral, this usually goes in hand with a tricolour

Like so…

Hope this helps?


That does help, thank you so much!


Glad to help :relaxed: wud love to see a pic of what u decide to get, when u get it

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I can’t wait to have some pics to show you guys:)