Whites Tree Frogs - Care Advice Wanted

So I am the proud new owner of two Whites Tree Frogs that I purchased off of my sister in law and I want ALL your tips and tricks.

I’m completely unsure of the sex and age to a certain degree. They are at least 4 years old.

I have a Exo Terra Natural Glass Terrarium Medium, Extra Tall 60x45x90cm… All the internals came with them.

The hood has 3 light fittings that cover the rear portion of the lid.

While my sister in law has done a amazing job at keeping these guys going, would like to upgrade it to a natural enclosure. I want to get rid of the carpet and replace it with a natural set up.

So to ensure these guys thrive, please let me know your dos and don’ts…

What should I avoid?
What’s the best regular feeding item?

What’s the Minimum/Maximum that would happily live in this sized enclosure?
Should I avoid certain sex ratios?

Side heating seems the best, especially with me wanting to add substrate… Am I right in thinking this?
Also heat from the bulbs above.

What’s the best way to go?

What should I avoid?
What works well?

What is the best sized water dish to go with?
What tips do you have to stop prey items drowning in there?

Please also share your own set ups for inspiration!


Congratulations on your new pets, super cool!
I will only answer questions if you provide more pictures of your frogs, lol.

You can feed them just about every insect feeder and even a pinky mouse every once in a while. With amphibians the staple feeder should usually be crickets with some other food sometimes for variety. If the frogs are similar size and one can’t eat another (which they will if possible) then you should be able to fit about 5 in there though it all depends on their behavior and if the tank has enough cover. As far as sexing them (which would be useful to do), I did some research and the males usually have dark nuptial pads at the thumb base. The pads are dark brown and rough in texture. These frogs can be cohabitated regardless of sexes. With arboreal animals heat bulbs are usually ideal, the animals will go up when they’re cold and down when they’re warm to thermoregulate. A heat bulb (or RHP would be better) allows the natural thermoregulating process to happen. Since these frogs are nocturnal you would be best using a CHE or RHP since they don’t emit light. Be sure to have a 12/12 hour timer and have a 27-30 gradient during the day and a 22-25 gradient at night. I will warn you that with a natural setup you will likely get fungus gnats, especially if you already have them in your house. I personally prefer eco earth for my bioactives and natural setups, especially the bricks as they can be stored easily, they can’t carry pests, and they’re cheaper. With substrate as long as it can’t be ingested (avoid small gravel or bark shavings) then it’s hard to go wrong. As far as plants then you can use almost anything as long as if it’s something the frogs would try to climb on it wouldn’t collapse. Try to have some stronger plants that they can climb on, add some branches, bark, etc. to create a “frame” for the enclosure that they can climb on. Also add high cover plants (I prefer pothos) that create hiding areas, this is especially important if you get more frogs to cohabitate. You can use just about any size dish, I like to use dishes that are about 7-10 cm in diameter and ideally at least 3 cm deep to prevent too much evaporation. If you need to raise the humidity in the enclosure then you can always get bigger/more dishes. Be sure to fill the dishes with dechlorinated water, I use distilled water or let the water sit open for a few days so the chlorine evaporates.

Here’s my crested gecko tank which uses the same concepts I mentioned above. I switched to eco earth for my later enclosures and I added a corner dish to the front right corner.


Your amazing you know @erie-herps :love_you_gesture:



Look at those cuties :frog:


Now I’m looking up getting a tree frog… they are adorable!!!


We need names…


The top one is Kevin, even if it’s a girl

And the bottom one is Bubba or Hut lol


I usually name my animals something funny, so my ideas are:
Frog and Greeny
Or name them after different tree frog species:
Bird Poop


Too bad its not a toad because I would have suggested Mr. Bumpy after the character with said name from an old cartoon I used to watch sometimes growing up here in Canada. The show was called “Bump in the Night”. But since their frogs…I’d say kermit but that’d be too obvious…I’m stumped :thinking:. Nice frogs though.


Instead of Mr. Bumpy you could have Mr. smooth


Or Mr. Bumpy’s main pal Squishington. In the show his main buddy Squishy is made of some blue ooze stuff…eh look it up on youtube you’ll see what I mean.



Bubbles and Mud