Whitewall to Lilly White... What would happen?

Are there any negative health problems with breeding the two morphs together? I know that Super Lillies don’t usually (If at all) survive, but I was wondering if the same was true for breeding a Lilly to a whitewall.
I have a whitewall that I have been eyeing for a good while, that I’m trying to get the money for, and I eventually want to get a Lilly, since I just love them (Who doesn’t?) So I want to make sure that breeding them together wouldn’t be a big mistake.


I was under the impression that Lily White is a single-gene type of deal, whereas White wall is just a phenotypic description? I am under-informed, to be sure, but I guess I had always assumed that to be the case.

@foxreptile @ghoulishcresties Could you guys set me straight on the genetic aspect of this? I had assumed that White Wall is more of a selectively bred trait?

If I am correct in my assumption, then breeding a White Wall to a Lily White would not be an issue.


Breeding a white wall to a Lilly White has no issues.

I bred my white out to Lilly White last year with no issues.

Breeding Lilly White to Lilly White will result in very high% of death. In fact I don’t know of a surviving baby past a few weeks old.

Do you have a pic of the Gecko you have in mind?

They are 2 separate traits. Lilly White can go with most most traits
I’m not great with what is phenotype etc


any pics of your whitewall? I love them!

And no issues. They’re just a Tricolour, or Harley etc with more white or cream that’s thick along sides :grin:


I don’t have him yet, but this is the one I’m looking at getting.

I really like his patterning, the spots on his side are really cool.


Very nice! I have 2 Lilly White’s, both male. They r both awkward lol :sweat_smile:


Males are kinda awkward. I love mine though, he’s super sweet.


White Wall was proven incdom by Ant Caponetto :blush:

No known health issues with WW, or the LWWW combo has been brought up so far.


Thank you!
Would I be seeing lots of both white walls and Lillies? I love the white and cream geckos, they look so cool.


Ratio depends on lineage & traits it’s carrying.

Eg. Geckos that are not Lilly White, but produced from Lilly White pairing are more likely to produce Lilly White offspring when paired to a Lilly White, rather than a Gecko that has no Lilly White lineage.

So my geckos produced ratio 5 of 8 as Lilly Whites and 3 of 8 non Lilly White. The dam was from a Lilly White pairing originally. All 8 of which, I believe are tricolour. I’m still waiting for other traits to surface (or not) but they may not appear till much older

If I remember rightly, Ghoulish cresties had 100% Lilly White offspring.


As a Crested Gecko calculator is still in the works, we can use Ball Pythons as an example. “Genetic is genetics is genetics” … to quote the doctor again

White Wall = Banana
Lilly White = Spider


/ % Traits traits Morph Name
1/4 25% Banana Spider 2 Banana Bee
1/4 25% Banana 1 Banana
1/4 25% Spider 1 Spider
1/4 25% 0 Normal

You want to be careful. While some trait names seem self-explanatory, they can be deceiving.
You want to take a moment to look through the Primary Base articles along with the Foundation Genetics that is in the footnotes, to grasp an understanding of how each trait interacts to create specific phenotypes.

Some times the odds are in our favour :muscle:


Nice! That’s a really cool explanation! (I also love banana bps, and that would probably be the first one I would/will get)

Also, lucky:)


Just remember cresties can pop up kinder surprises also (ghoulish crestie term :yum:) meaning offspring can be totally different to the parents.

It’s not completely the same as bps.

So when breeding Lilly White’s, phantom Lilly White’s could be produced as well.
The white wall gene may not be present in the babies, but they may carry the gene for future generations.

Unless you know the generations, it’s hard to predict. Which is why most of us say to get lineage as it can help you understand what morphs/traits to expect.

To improve your chances of white wall in offspring, I believe a tricolour Lilly White might help, or a Lilly White with lineage of white wall.


White wall Lilies are cool looking- here’s the ones on Morphmarket.


Ish… this is only due to us not knowing the true genetic lineage of the animals in the hobby.

With the traits we know the genetic type for, we can treat these as BPs for calculations. The outcome will be the exact same percentages.

The big issue with cresties is that the community was far too accepting of the “poly” trait type, when infact all of these traits are either dom/incdom/recessive or selectively bred.

Look at what the FG has proven so far as at least dominant for example… these can all be calculated to the same degree of accuracy as BPs, Retics, axolotls… etc. Genetics is genetics is genetics.

Phantom is a recessive gene, so if your seeing phantoms pop up then you have hets floating around in your collection. Given that Phantom has been described in wild animals, its going to be extremely prevalent in the hobby.

This is due to some of your animals stacking multiple Base Colours. Which is what causes the biggest differences between offspring (except obvious patterning). While “base colour” sounds like it only changes the animals colour, they actually interact with other traits and change patterning.

I think any CG breeder that takes the time to understand the Foundation Genetics that Lil Monster and co are putting out, will be massive leaps infront of all other breeders for many years.



I am no good with explaining all that lol lil monster’s foundation genetics is definitely a great read!

I’ve read it all, got confused due to how we perceived crestie genetics (plus wasn’t a breeder do only went by research) & re-read it so many times, it’s that good. Now I’m breeding my cresties with this useful knowledge they provided. Which will help me understand it even more.

But I’m still not smart enough to explain it all :sweat_smile:


Thank you all so much! This is very helpful, and I’m very excited to start breeding one day. It sounds really fun!