Anyone have any up to date information about the Whitewash gene? Seeing its origination back in 08 and then was brought stateside some time after by Mike at The Florida Reptile Ranch. Last post about this gene is from 2019 and it fell off. looking at the TFRR website, they have no snakes available that are paradox or “whitewash” currently.
Curious, has this “gene” fell off? Morphmedia mentions

"The first low Whitewash Axanthic was produced from a pairing of a Snow male x double het Snow female.

The second Whitewash ball python was from breeding an Albino 100% het Snow x double het Snow."

Clearly it appears the Snow gene plays are roll in it.

I’ve always been attracted to paradox and when recommended to looking into this “gene”, it has sparked my interest even more.

I appreciate any info that is available, hopefully this is something that has still be getting worked with in the background


“Snow” is not a gene, it is the name of a combo for Albino Axanthic

As far as WW… It was alleged to be its own thing completely unrelated to either the Albino or Axanthic genes. There was also allegation that it was isolated and other combos made with it (Fire and YB if my memory serves me.) There was strong assertion by a few people with the project that it was about to “blow up” in the hobby as all the “het WW” they had sold were coming of age… And since then it has pretty much been crickets

Now, you can take that as a case of the pandemic managing to set back every single person working with the gene or you can take that as the lot of them got great stuff and decided to sit on it to make even more cool stuff to drop on the market or you can take that as no one cared to follow up or you can take that as maybe the hype was nothing but empty hype. Guess it just depends on how much of a cynic/optimist you are


Thank you for the info about the Snow part.

I mean for me personally, I’m always hopeful. Would it be cool to see the WW be real thing, or even a new paradox “gene”.

Paradox being what it is, its so hit and miss. I have seen one snake that its entire body was paradox and is the most paradoxing I’ve ever seen in a single BP.

I think until someone really works with it and can possibly produce multiple clutches that have multiples of paradox in each clutch, its always just going to be what it has always been.

I am intrigued to see what happens down the road though

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There’s really only been one or two cases where people have reported repeated paradox in a family line, but it’s never been something they can reliably replicate.

I don’t think you’ll ever see something like that as a ‘gene’ since it’s either an oppsie in the genetic code or a chimera situation.

And as Travis pointed out, Snow in ball pythons (and most other snake species iirc) is a combo.
In leopard geckos, snow is it’s own gene.