Who Breeds Year Round?

I usually pair snakes in the fall but the last couple of days I noticed one of my females doing some strange things like bowl wrapping and laying on her side. So I decided to throw the male in with her and sure enough they were locked up this morning. Does anybody else have females that cycle at different times of the year?


I have been for the past several years now.

I am on my animal’s schedule not mine, if they are showing me signs that they are ready than it does not matter what time of the year it is.


What about cooling? Do you bother to cool them when they show signs, or just breed them?

I didnt cool at all. This is my first year pairing this early and only did so because she was showing me signs of building. I’m sure most are more productive during the cooler months of the year but ultimately its up to the animal when they are ready to breed.

Well I have two girls living in the cool side the past 4 weeks, I’ll have to play around.


If you cycle your room then your ball pythons will go (generally) around the same time of year. If you don’t cool they will go sporadically through the year. I cycle my room for other pythons I have that need to cycle to in order to breed at all, but my first two years when I only had ball pythons I didn’t cycle and saw similar success, just spaced out ovulations.

I have not cooled my animal in 10 years, regardless of breeding year round or not.


Definitely breed all year. I use ultrasound, and I’m picking up follicular development in females right now, that weren’t showing anything a month or 2 ago.

I’m pretty sure that if I waited until “proper” season and paired them in the winter, I would miss the window of opportunity on those girls, and they would reabsorb those follicles. This happened to me last year.


Thats exactly what I was thinking as well. If you dont pay attention to the signs of your snakes you may miss it all together for the year. I dont have an ultrasound so I just have to go off visual observations and palpating for follicles.


I am totally with you! That‘s how I do it

I never cool and have found it has zero bearing on when a female starts building. I pair when the female gives indications she is building.

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