Who can produce this?

I got this girl a while back for super cheap of unknown genes. Being my very first colubrid after rehabilitating for 15 years, sailfin dragons to red tails. So, I put this little this in a 10 gallon I didn’t notice had a space where it didn’t exactly snap in, just a hair… I lost her of course, now, getting more healthy babies and not fixing old sick reptiles, I’ve gathered a few colubrids in 2020. Not sure if I’m going to breed but I love that gem in a clutch every one in a blue moon. I think this is one. I’d love to get guesses of parents? Thanks!!!


I don’t suppose you know the species?

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Looks like a brooksi but just a guess lol. And welcome to the community!!!


I was going to say the same, but the baby not having a pattern throws me off a bit. Only ever seen patterned brooks kingsnake babies. Definitely a king of some sort with that head.

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It just said, “hypo kingsnake” on the little critter keeper she was in. I’ve asked a lot of my vet and breeder friends. It’s all of 5 or 6 sub guesses? I posted on here hoping someone would tell me I’ve been wrong and sends me a link of 100 of these babies😎

I’m almost positive that’s a speckled king snake. I don’t work with them but a friend of mine produces hundreds of them a year.

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Wouldn’t say hypo since they have more white on their heads (and brighter colors). Maybe a patternless mosaic? Meaning a mosaic that lacks pattern, and not 2 different morphs.

So a holbrooki instead of a brooksi? The head pattern looks like a patternless mosaic brooksi to me. The colors say brooksi too.

Speckled I didn’t google the Latin name. I meant speckled.

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Speckled kings are black with yellow, and I can’t find any hypos of them anywhere. Maybe brooks kingsnakes are called speckled by some?

I think it’s a speckled but not much else to say about it. I don’t work with them so not an expert.

Line bred holbrooksi or getula? hard to say but those are my two gueses. And your right that lil one was nice too bad we dont have adult pictures

I would ask John Lassiter of Coastal Bend Captive Breeding. You won’t find him on here but he’s easy to reach on Instagram.

Apalachicola king snake (Lampropeltis getula goini ) patternless variation! that’s what is
check out first pic on link


Seconding that this is definitely a goini.

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After seeing that picture I’m going to agree.

Thank you! That’s what all my research led me to last summer… and I’d have pics if she didn’t escape… I just know the shop I “found” her at had no idea many my local vet said I had a gem lol

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Jeff Serrao of orlando, fl is producing morphs and color variations of this species

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Thank you!!!