Who else is playing with the peach gene in corns?

Anyone else breeding peach corns and care to discuss?
Just jumping into actually producing this season but I find them extremely interesting.
A few pics added just to show.

Thanks, Ryan


I haven’t produced any yet but I’m hoping to next year. I have a male peach bloodred het lavender I’m planning on breeding to a peach het bloodred and lavender. My male is very pretty but the female doesn’t really look much different than a normal. Slight hypo look to her. I haven’t decided what else im going to be breeding the male with. Maybe a bloodred kastanie? I like the looks of the animals you posted pictures of!

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Nice! Do you have pics?
I have a peach plasma going to a peach again this coming season.


Beautiful animals, thanks for sharing. I am like tsawyer: not yet BUT. I have reworked my breeding plans and definitely need to add some peach(es). I’m still looking for the right combination of genes in an available peach.


Just wondering how your breeding plans are going. My snakes are deciding that Spring is in the air.

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Just wondering how your breeding plans were going. I am keeping an eye out for peach possibilities.

I absolutely love your peach combos! (As well as pretty much everything else you produce!)

I don’t work with peach personally, so would you consider filling out a gene addition form so it could get added to MorphMarket ? Genetics & Species - MorphMarket Reptile Community


The female is in shed now so im hoping she’s ready soon!

That’s good news. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what peaches arrive on the scene this year.

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