Who needs more attention?

99% of us grew up watching Steve Irwin and we all know of Austin Stevens and Brian Barczyk.

There are a handful of YouTubers that most of us follow and would maybe put in that same bracket, but who do you believe needs more recognition for the work they do, animals they produce and effort they put into education and preservation?

I mean anyone from your local “reptile guy” who is just enthusiastic and willing to help, people who work in the background producing scientific studies that barely get any notice or even someone well known that you believe is still pushing the reptile world forward.

Anyone you think needs a shout out?

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This is a shout out to Dannage Magano and his YouTube channel DanMaganoSnakes He shoots straight on his videos. He is worthy of following, support and video shares! He works with a large collection of Blood Pythons and short tails. Care, husbandry and genetics are of the utmost importance in his videos. He is a great guy and extremely knowledgeable. Get to know him it’s worth it!! He takes the time to do these video uploads, let’s make it worth his time, give him notice, thank you.


I started a thread earlier about guys you think deserve a mention. Get on there and throw some links out to his social media so we can all check him out. :+1:

Hopefully we can get the ball rolling :grin:

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I saw that thread, and when I went back to find it and couldn’t find that thread. So I just did my own for Dan.

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I’ll check him out and give him a follow :blush:

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I thought for a moment you were throwing the name “merged” out :roll_eyes: im a fool as usual.

I’m not after hearing about great sellers, more people that are pushing the hobby further. Not brands but individuals, ones that nobody really mentions that are out there doing educational talks, lessons and are not in it for the money as much as the passion.

Your right though we do need to be careful or we might cross that line. :+1:

Brian Kusko from Triple B is one of my favorites. He doesn’t seem to get as much attention as some of the big name guys on YouTube, but he comes across as very genuine on his vlog and his Triple B channel does interviews with a lot of great breeders, reptile enthusiasts and herpetologists. He recorded some of the talks at Herpeton this year and there’s a wealth of information in them.

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If you’re looking for people who actually do on the ground, difficult, expensive, and effective conservation for reptiles and amphibians, you should check out The Orianne Society. I work closely with this organization, in fact several of my students have worked/are working for them as technicians. They work on habitat management with private landowners on eastern indigo snake, wood turtle, spotted turtle, alligator snapping turtle, pine snake, hellbender, and even tropical viper projects. I’ll be taking prescribed fire training with them in December. I know they’re not a person per-se, but it’s an organization that surprisingly doesn’t get enough mileage in the herpetoculture field and yet they do some of the best active land management (including burning over 3000 acres a year to maintain longleaf pine savannas for eastern indigo snakes and eastern diamondback rattlesnakes) to conserve the species we all know and love. Giving Tuesday is this week, they have a donor that will be matching up to $50,000 of donations. I renew my membership every Giving Tuesday for this reason. I’m excited to conduct prescribed fires with them in the coming years once I complete my federal fire training!

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That’s exactly what I’m after. I’ll go and check them out right away.