Who’s the biggest legend in reptiles

I think it’s Kevin mcCurly.

  • Brian Barczyk
  • Kevin McCurly
  • Mark O Shea
  • Steve Irwin
  • Snake Discovery
  • Clints Reptiles
  • Wickens Wicked
  • Trooper Walsh
  • Ed Marino
  • Bill Gillingham
  • Vin Russo
  • Philippe de Vosjoli
  • Allen Repashy
  • Brian Sharp.
  • Ralph Davis
  • Greg Graziani
  • Mark Bell
  • Justin Kobylka
  • Tom Crutchfield
  • Craig Trumbower
  • Bob Applegate
  • Klaus
  • Dan Mulleary
  • Dave and Tracy Barker
  • Jeff Galewood
  • Ron Tremper
  • Sir David Attenborough
  • Bob Clark
  • Don Soderberg
  • Rich Zuchowski
  • Kathy Love
  • Charles Pritzel
  • Jeff Corwin
  • Pete Kahl
  • Travis Wyman
  • Warren Booth
  • Markus Jayne

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Steve Irwin :heart:


I see that but I think Steve Irwin did more for animals not reptiles but that’s a very good pick


I know he’s pretty controversial, but Brian Barczyk is huge when it comes to reptile YouTubers. He was one of the first people to have a large, successful reptile channel.


Markus Jayne made me fall in love with ball pythons, and to me will always be #1


I love brown to and for reptile YouTube he definitely is


My childhood idol!! Damn stingrays!


I just gotta say it… Peat Khal!!!


That makes sense since how much you like boas

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Same my dad had me watch him

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Steve Irwin, Kevin McCurly, and controversial Tom Crutchfield are my pick.

Also, whoever had the first US captive Pied Burmese Python is on the list. Just because it was a pipe dream and now I have an opportunity to have one when I get the funds.


I’m with u for the burm cause I want to be the first one to make a dreamsicle burm aka albino pied green labyrinth


I definitely agree. He basically led in the way we keep animals like ball pythons, because that is the one of the main places we go for information. Probably him and the good ol’ Steve Irwin. I used to get on the TV as a kid when his show would go on every day. It made me so sad when he passed away due to a stingray. That and Wild Kratts :joy:


He is the Goat of boas


Mark Mandic is amazing! I’ve never met him, but chatted with him on the phone a few times. He’s a really genuine, down to earth guy :slight_smile:


My goal is to make my own Caramel Pied for myself. It’s just a goal of putting my absolute favorite morphs together. One was produced this year and it only makes me more hyped that I’ll get the chance to one day work with it


This is a really really hard question.

I think I’m going with Kevin, his work on socialisation is the absolute best information out there in the whole hobby, without a close second. But the issue is that these lessons are usually served in bitesize portions throughout 1000s of videos. If he started a full netflix series dedicated to solely socialising animals I think very few people wouldn’t tune in. I’d pay really good money to spend a week with him just taking notes.

Two people I feel needs a special mention are Travis and Warren Booth. If you go back to the very beginning of the Internet you will find them on some forum or another breaking genetics down for the majority of the big breeders we have today. Without their help the hobby would be stuck in the stone ages, attempting to peice together all these traits with what we remember from school.


I 100% agree! Also, I would pay really good money to with Kevin, he is absolutely groundbreaking in a lot of things!


So much this it isnt even funny. I understand he worked with alot of animals besides reptiles, but he is the entire reason i love snakes so much and produced many people with a respect and love for the normally disliked side of the animal kingdom.


I must also add Emily Roberts on here as a personal connection, because I always loved reptiles, but I never thought of keeping reptiles as even a possibility until I saw her channel a few years back. She was the one who got me into reptile keeping. Steve was the one who gave me my love of animals though, so I gotta thank him too. I’ll never forgive that stingray.