Who should I breed her with?

I want to breed my female but I don’t know what I should breed her with (she’s a reverse stripe bred for high yellow)

I obviously won’t be breeding her till she fills out fully (she was taken from someone who couldn’t/didn’t care for her)

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Welcome to the forum @geckogodmoth! Poor little thing is definitely quite thin! Hopefully you will be able to get her filled out and healthy again! I am sure you have her best interest in mind.

I can’t help you with your breeding questions but there will be others who will be glad to advise you!

Best of luck to you and your new little girl! :blush::lizard:

Welcome! She’s super cute looking. Glad she’s in a better home now!

So here’s my advice on the issue.
If she’s already a few years old and is small from malnourishment, I would not breed her at all. Some leos over 3 years may not breed at all if they hadn’t been already.
Even as a young gecko, she can run a higher risk of eggbinding because of the rough start. So she will need to be monitored closely.

If you still want to give it a go, I would check around for interest in pet quality leos. Even if you find a high end male for her, she won’t suddenly produce high end offspring. So you would be competing with anyone selling reasonable priced fancies or the 30$ big box shop price for something fairly similar.
When I was first dipping my feet in, I had some friends that wanted geckos and I had a local pet store that would buy the others at the wholesale price of 15$ for het albinos. 20$ for albino.