Who works with chocolate?

Anyone in here work with chocolate? I like what I see with chocolate hypo combos, would like to see what others have going out there.


I do!

Chocolate spider hypo and super chocolate hypo

Chocolate spider


Just about to Tag you too! :yum:

Thanks lol I have a couple of screamer sable females to lol. The gargoyle and spotnose complexs are currently my main focus!

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I do as well.


I also have a few!

The last 3 are just possible Chocolates, but I’m posting them anyway lol.


May be a dumb question, but what other genes does chocolate share a complex with? And I didn’t know spider was changed that much by chocolate, that’s interesting! Good looking snakes!

That Ghi looks a lot like my ghi mojo I recently hatched.

What’s the combo on that first one? Is there some form of calico/sugar in there?

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What’s the genes on that one? Chocolate hypo and something else?

Sable spotnose and Wookiee but many believe Wookiee is the same as chocolate.

Huge fan of the combo!

And thank you I appreciate that for real!


Just chocolate hypo


I remember a lot of hype with Wookiee when it came out, but noticed I hadn’t heard much about it in a while. A lot of YouTube breeders were talking about it. (I haven’t been on YouTube for a few months, so I’m a bit out of the loop)

I may have to do some more looking and find me a good female to add to my collection

Yes, she’s a Pastel Calico Chocolate Enchi who’s also double het Desert Ghost and Hypo!

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Absolutely stunning snake!

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Thank you! She’s definitely my favorite out of the clutch, I never would have guessed that Chocolate would react with Pastel and Calico like it did, much less with Enchi in the mix to clean it up a little and add more yellow to the dorsal that almost seems to bleed into her alienheads! I can’t wait to see what a DG version of this looks like.

Here is the rest of the clutch with my hypo chocolate spider the other 3 are pastel chocolate spider hypo. I greatly prefer the non pastel version!


Years ago I hatched a chocolate pastel spider but having trouble finding the picture right now. Hatched this chocolate Mojave this year. Still working on a hypo chocolate but have eggs from super GHI het hypo X chocolate cinnamon Mojave possible het hypo in the incubator.


Found the old chocolate pastel spider picture.


Work a lot with Chocolate Hypo, produced a ton of babies this year.


What is the super dark baby? Love the contrast on him.