Wholesale Category [#2049]

I would like to see a category for just wholesale. I think it should only be viewable by users with paid seller accounts. It would serve as a convenient trading place. It would save retailers from spending hours searching ads to find animals to fill their store. I also believe many breeders do not even bother posting less expensive animals on here because it’s just not really worth it. No need to break it down by species, users could just post a price list of what they have available. Anyone else like the idea of a wholesale category?

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I have seen wholesale ads many times, but a lot of them end up being bulk wild caught animals. I think a wholesale category will just encourage more people to import wild caught animals, and sell them for cheap. I say keep that to the sites that already do that, since we already have people that post wholesale here and there. The mass majority of the people that shop on MM are looking for a single animal, either for a pet or a specific breeding project. Wholesale has a very bad reputation due to the animals sometimes being in questionable health due to their origins (usually wild caught), and I think it would just reflect negatively on MM. There are plenty of wholesale sites out there that are an option.


If you need to sell wholesale lots you don’t need to post them somewhere. The internet is full of company’s that will buy your lots. Just email them with your list and prices and I guarantee you the big company’s will contact you about purchasing your lot. Also not all wholesale lots are wild caught anymore. Also Plenty of big wholesale lots are captive bred healthy snakes.


To exemplify this - Every year, I wholesale almost all of my single, double, and occasionally triple gene byproduct to a local wholesaler. It is a lot easier to sell healthy CBB babies than WC stuff