Why did this take so long 😭

After only 7 months, I finally have been able to get a picture of The Frog. Yes, their name is literally “The Frog”. Didn’t have a name for them for most of the 7 months as I ever really planned on keeping it. But surprise surprise after way to long he finally got my heart after seeing his personality change and him becoming more confident. I had been calling them the frog the whole time so why not just make it official?


OMG HE TONG FED!!! I just tried to tong feed him as he didn’t start spazzing out when I opened the top. I really hope this is a breakthrough as he used to freak out if I walked in the room


Is it a Bullfrog?

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What’s this? A new member of the potato gang?!
Welcome The Frog! What a cutie!

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Honestly, I am not positive. I believe he is a northern green frog (which for all intents and purposes is a mini bullfrog) but this is really the first good look I am getting of him. He seems to be really small and has grown so little in the time I have had him though so I am second guessing that.


Green frog was my second guess. They look very similar to bullfrogs but smaller.