Why he suddenly so sassy 😩

Puberty?!??? Nothing in his husbandry has changed. I’m figuring it’s gotta be that’s he’s getting closer to sexually maturing maybe? He’s almost 14months old. He’s not the cute lil bleble that used to crawl onto my hand all day everyday. Now he’s striking at everything :sob: Last night I was checking on them both (like I’ve done every night since I’ve got them) and he struck at my flashlight, all I did was shine some light through the glass boy, damn. Last time I went to feed him he was striking at the baggie I defrosted his rat in (bag maybe was warm?). He still holding a grudge cause I left him at home for a week while I was at the beach :unamused: I used to trust him a lot. Now he gets the side eye along with my female :joy::joy:

Of all my BPs only my hurricane female strikes at me,
but once she’s in my hands she’s an :innocent:

They each have their own little attitudes :grin:

One of our males was fine until I tried to give him better enrichment in his enclosure, now he looks at me in disgust.

He destroyed everything I did, so now his back to his basic look… Still not happy with me, but his happy with his enclosure lol the other snakes liked my effort :joy:

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It sounds like he might be stressed, has anything changed in his environment?


Does he have hides in his enclosure?