Why is there suddenly a shortage of GTPs and ETBs?

Sorry if this is the wrong tag. I noticed that there are not a lot of green tree pythons or emerald tree boas on the market recently vs. a few months ago when there were plenty. I’ve noticed the same thing at my local reptile shops. They even developed a waitlist for new GTPs and ETBs that come in because the demand was so high. Is this a normal thing? Was I just on the market when there was an unusually large amount for sale?

The majority of GTPs and ETBs that you are seeing at shows and the like are farmed/WC animals and the global shut down killed importation for a while there so that would be my guess as to why they seem thinner on the ground.

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That explains a lot. Now might be a good time to try to get my hands on a captive-bred then. Thank you.

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I would always recommend captive bred for any species compared to wild caught. I couldn’t stress that enough.

Buying captive bred is particularly important with ETBs. Tons of ETBs are imported only to die unable to adjust to captivity. WC emeralds are best left to experts.