Wilbanks Advanced Radiant Heat Panel

I recommend VE 300 and VE 300x2 :wink:

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I was thinking about the herpstat 6.
Well for me at lease due to the amount of built enclosures i have.


Even though it’ll be more expensive, I’d look at getting multiple herpstat 2s or the ve300 x2s. It’s not common but I have heard of the herpstat 6 having failures, plus going with multiple units allows you the ability to move things around if you want to rearrange.


Im currently running Ve mini stat’s.

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The only ones I use :wink:

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I’m not terribly picky, I have 1 ve200, 2 ve300x2, 1 ve hobbystat, 1 herpstat, 1 herpstat 2, and 1 proportional stat that I made a few years ago. Not to mention the various inkbirds I built that are somewhere around here in a box.

@randall_turner_jr Would like to just add a comment in here to let everyone know I was wrong; it turns out the day/time I measured the heat panel happened to be in a period where it hadn’t ran for a while… Just checked it after a colder night where it was working more, and I got a reading around 145 Fahrenheit.

My initial automatic reaction was to think about heat rocks and how dangerous those are, getting to those temps. Not thinking that an animal has access to lay on them 24/7, vs not really having a way to lay on a heat panel if mounted properly.

@lumpy I’ve heard nothing but good things about VE and Herpstat both. I ended up going with Herpstat due to I think some stocking issues with I first shopped for one. I also thought the Herpstat 2 “redline” model was pretty cool so i got that as my first. Now I’ve got Herpstat 2’s and love them.


Would love to see these mounted, especially if anyone has the actual Reptirad panels which have the bright green logo…

Is this a Wilbanks panel you are showing?