Wild “caught” mice?

I live in an area where mice in the home are not uncommon. We might set traps once or twice a season. Usually after a half dozen or so, the traps no longer catch any, so we stop…

My thought was that someday I could feed these unfortunate victims to my MBK, who readily takes F/T mice. Are there concerns? We don’t use pesticides or herbicides on our property. We don’t use poisons on the mice. Usually, I put the mice on a fence post, and the birds find them quickly. But, why not feed the snake…?

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I would never ever feed any wild caught animal to a “domestic” pet. The snakes we keep as pets have not been exposed to the pathogens and parasites that all wild animals have. Giving them a wild animal as food is risking, a high risk in my book, them to such things they are not prepared for. And that is a risk to their life. Not worth it.


‘nuff said! Thanks for setting me straight.

Your risk are high if doing so

Internal parasites, diseases, and most importantly poison, rat/mice poison is slow acting and usually takes 3 days to act and you can never know if a wild rodent may have got into some, somewhere else (they can travel a lot in 3 days)


Definitely do not recommend that! While you do not use pesticedes, wild mice carry many diseases. Our snakes are captive breed, most likely, and are not immune to those diseases. If you do this, the snake will most likely get very sick.

Thanks. I have been properly scolded. I put the bodies on a flagstone by my koi pond. We have red-tailed hawks who don’t let them get old. Fun to watch.

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Damn that’s pretty sweet. Does sound fun to watch the hawks. Luck you!

No birds on this one. But we do love our puddle!


Sorry, I don’t know why it grabbed two images. Fat thumbs, most likely!

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