Wild Caught vs Imported [4902]

As previously discussed, there has now been a notification added to ads of ones that are listed as wild caught.
I noticed that some obviously wild caught animals don’t have the red banner, though, and that looks to be because the animal was set up as being imported. I suspect a good number of imports are actually wild caught imports vs cbb ones imported from Europe, for instance.
Perhaps the combination of Domestically produced and imported should mean no warning and if not listed as such, it’d mean they are imports?


I am glad this topic has been introduced because the term “Domestically produced”. I have often wondered what this term encompasses. I don’t mean to weave away from the initial question/thread but it seems to me that domestically produced could in fact be associated with imported/wild caught? :thinking:


Personally, I choose the term Domestically Produced when I’m selling a cbb animal that was produced by someone other than myself.


I agree that the current “origin” options for animal ads on the marketplace could use some adjustments. As things stand, sellers could (and do) honestly list wild caught animals as domestically produced or imported, depending on what country the animal was caught in. Completely bypassing the helpful new “wild caught” badge on a loophole.


Ok thank you for clarifying that. So would it be improper for the potential buyer to ask the seller where or by whom the animal was originally produced in the US? :thinking:


I wouldn’t be offended as a seller and would provide the breeder’s name as long as I knew it.


Also I understand why the warning for wild caught. There is a huge difference though in fresh field collected, established wild caught imports, and captive hatched imports(which depending on the species is just as healthy and problem free as captive bred) I agree most sellers are honest when posting and shouldn’t mind being asked if your not sure.


@scissortailscales That is exactly the point I was going for…….:+1:


Love this! Thank you for starting this @sonjakreptiles

So here are our guidlines for each origin state:

    • Wild Caught - the animal for sale was born and captured in the wild, it may or may not have been imported, depending on its origin and the country it’s being sold in
    • Imported - the animal for sale was likely hatched in a “farm” in its native country and then shipped to other countries for sale in the pet trade. This kind of “farm” typically involves capturing gravid females from the wild and selling the offspring to exporters.
    • Self Produced - the animal was captive bred by the person selling it
    • Domestically Produced - the animal was captive bred, but not by the person selling it.

We will be expanding the options and making them multiple choice. So you will be able to selelct:

Wild Caught + Import
Captive bred + Import

As a tip for those paying attention, if you set over 50% of your animals on MorphMarket to Domestically Produced then you wil be listed as a “Seller”.
If you set over 50% to “Self Produced”, then you will be listed as a “Breeder”


So with this in mind with obviously wild caught animals, can we report the ad if they are labeled imported or domestically produced to bypass the warning?


Yep, but please make it easier and just flag one ad per seller/issue and then mention, “this seller has multiple animals with issues.” Otherwise, it can quickly become 500 emails in the staff inbox for the same 10 animals from 1 seller.