Wild Diamond Python

I found the diamond python in a tree hollow in the middle of a stream in the blue mountains near a place called acacia campground at about 3:15pm on November 9th 2018

. The temperature was about 79F (26C) outside the tree hollow and the diamond python was 86F (30C). The snake was in shed, I believe it was female and I’d guess between 1600-1900g. I went back at about 8:30pm and recorded a temp inside the tree hollow of about 58F (14.5C). I took another reading at 5:30 the next morning and recorded a temp of 41F (5C) corners of the log were just a degree or two above freezing.


Absolutely crazy the kind of temperatures they tolerate in their natural habitat. And a beautiful specimen too.


Sometimes when they are in an artificial environment its hard to visualize how well they blend. This one easily could melt into its surroundings. Awesome find!

Just heard the story on the Corallus Radio podcast. Now I’m diving deep on the Bredils pythons. Thanks for spreading the knowledge…