Wilhelm is looking for his fuzzy!

Here is my new baby striped sand boa that I adopted from a friend of mine. He is quite the little eater! lol!


A darling! They can be just ravenous little things, I swear.


He’s a cutie, Caron. Congrats on the new addition!

But I’ve got a confession. I was pretty horrified when I opened the picture. Why? Well, I didn’t initially see the picture as it is. With my first look, what I saw was a snake trying to get away from a cat who was peering intently at said snake. :rofl:


Well lol I surely am glad you pointed out that cat! I never would have seen him otherwise! No wonder Wilhelm “hides” all the time!

(Even with the red outline it took me a minute!). You are a hoot! Happy New Year dear one!



Happy New Year right back!! I swear, I don’t know how 2022 is over.


That’s hilarious. :rofl::rofl:

I have to stack boxes on top of my blood python’s tub to keep my cats off it. :person_facepalming:

And @caron Wilhelm is precious! :heart: My sand boa will start cruising around her enclosure (above the substrate) and tongue-flicking at her ventilation slats when she knows it’s getting close to feeding day.


Thank you! @jawramik Lol! I think that’s what he was doing actually because now that I think about it, feeding day was close……

I adopted him from a from a friend of mine and unfortunately he only eats live right now. I have tried switching him but he refuses ft so far. So we will see….

Thank you again for the compliment! :heart::lizard::frog::snake:

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I got my sand boa as a 10-year-old adult who had only ever eaten live, and I was able to switch her over to f/t, so don’t lose hope! I found that braining/splitting was the ticket to get her to start taking thawed mice. Eventually I was even able to stop braining them, and now she’ll reliably take them just thawed and warmed.


Ok thank you so very much for the advice and encouragement! :heart::blush: I have brained pinks before so that is not a problem. At least he is still very young so maybe he is not too set in his ways! Lol!

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