Will genetic testing show if Super Gravel or just Gravel?

Will gentic testing show a snake to have 2 co dominant genes or just show that 1 “gene” is present?
Or better yet… can you guys save me $120 and just tell me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I see 2- highways, 1- Pastel Super Gravel, 1- Super Gravel & a Pastel Highway Pied or possibly she is a Pastel Super Gravel Pied.
3 Super Gravel’s have been sold on MM with 2 of them looking exactly like her. Thanks for your help.


Wow what a great clutch! I have been trying for a super asphalt, but didn’t hit last season so I am definitely envious of those odds! I believe you are right in your ids. I think if the pastel pied was a super gravel it would have less striping on the dorsal then it does, but it is hard to tell for certain with pied.


Looking over the info and with the specter example, yes it would indeed verify highway vs super gravel.

Either way, gorgeous clutch!
You hadn’t mentioned parents… So if it was highway her pied to highway her pied then it’s kinda 50/50 on the odds. If 3 gravel genes were at play I’d say the odds would more be in favor of super gravel.


Pairing was Super Gravel Het Pied x Pastel Highway Het Pied.

This is correct :+1:t4:

If the animal is a SuperGravel, there will only be a single band. If it is a Highway, there will be two different bands


These guys are right.

RGI tests will be able to tell the following about a specific mutation:

Homozygous (2 copies of the mutation)
Heterozygous (1 copy of the mutation)
None (0 copies of the mutation)

@t_h_wyman is the man for the job with this pairing :wink:


Thank you for all your help! I think ill get her tested.

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Let us know what you find out! =)