Will this work for a Russian tortoise?

Hello just wondering my cousin is trying to get a Russian tortoise and me and her are trying to find something that would be suitable, we have only been a able to find this (it’s the closest we could get)

Will it work?

Technically, yes, a russian tortoise could survive in that. But, it is a very small enclosure and if possible it’s just a good idea to use something better. I built a tortoise table and have recently been re-looking into getting a russian tortoise (I’ve just been using the table as storage). My table is 10 sq. ft. (4x2.5’) but I’m trying to decide if it’s a good enough enclosure size for a tortoise to thrive, not just survive. A 4x8 enclosure is what a lot of tortoise keepers use for these animals and it is a great size for them. You could build an enclosure for them. A tortoise table is very simple to build and the larger size is much better for the tortoise.
Another tip, if you use an enclosure on the smaller end, a male is often better since they stay smaller. But, each tortoise is different and one might be moving around all the time and feel cramped in the enclosure while another might barely move at all and would be fine in a smaller enclosure, it just depends on the individual personalities.

Edit: I was doing a little bit more research and a lot of reliable care guides say 4’x8’ is the minimum enclosure size. I think a russian tortoise could still thrive in a 4’x6’ and maybe some smaller enclosures, but the enclosure you linked is too small for any tortoise to thrive. I highly doubt I’m going to get a russian for my tortoise table, just because I don’t feel like it’s good enough.

Oh wow thanks

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How old is the tortoise, and do you intend to keep it indoors part of the year or all of the year, or none of the year? This can vary by climate

When I had a TINY hatchling baby. I kept him in a 48inch x 18inch “underbed” type of open bin, with walls high enough he could not climb them, and a UVB/UVA light suspended at the correct height above this setup, and a bunch of little microhabitat zones of varying light, darkness and humidity. Had it set up on a cheap unit from Target meant to be a TV stand. This kind of “Table” approach allows a lot of good ventilation and room for a lot of exploring, lots of temperatures and hides with damp moss for humidity needs. You might see variations on this Tortoise Table setup, and indoors, without cats, I do recommend something similar.

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