Window gene… thoughts?

Hey all,

I’ve come across the term many times now, but had forgotten about it as shopping for calicos is something I haven’t done in a while.

A few years back when I began shopping for calico ball pythons, I’d come across the term “window gene” used along side calico frequently.

Anyone have any background info on the gene, or know why it’s not a listed gene on MM? Is it as simple as it’s not a commonly worked with gene and the founder hasn’t requested it be added?

I’d like to hear feedback from others, or even examples to help explain it.

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I used to hear about window gene in granite as well as calicos, but I don’t have much info for you. I don’t know if it’s truly a genetic morph or more of a line bred trait that some offspring inherit randomly. I’ve always been curious myself. Interested as well. Hopefully some long time breeders can school us!

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I’m curious as well. I have a couple of gorgeous Calico girls. From what I can deduce, they do not have a “window,” but I’m not certain.