Wish Me Luck

Enchantment Herps(me) has made it to the Land of Enchantment. I am here in Albuquerque, NM visiting family, and tonight I am going out to go road cruising out in the desert. I am hoping to find some rattlesnakes and I really hope to find a gopher snake. So please wish me luck tonight, as I always have the worst luck when it comes to herping. Thanks all!


Cool! Good luck! Please post pictures of everything you find!


Good luck, hope you find some interesting stuff!


Good luck! I hope you make loads of cool finds (and post loads of pics)!


Little bit of an update, I decided to spend some time with my family last night instead of herping. I rescheduled for Sunday, so I will show off some New Mexico Herps in a few days.


Well, I went out last night on some desert roads for about two hours. Didn’t find a single thing. It seems near impossible that that could happen, because there are just so many snakes here, but I haven’t found a single snake for my entire trip. I’ve found plenty of lizards, but all have gotten away before I could catch them. Looks like my bad luck when it comes to herping continues.


They only show up when your NOT looking for them!:smile: Next time just say your going for a “walk” or “drive” and I am sure you will find a ton! Thanks for trying, everyone likes the field herp pics!!

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