Woma or just a cool normal

I got this male from a friend of a friend who was trying to unload his collection a while back and I just want your opinions I didnt plan on breeding him but what do you guys think is he a cool normal or a woma or possibly some other normal like morph?

Can’t see the pic

I don’t see Woma but admittedly not an expert on it.

Its probably just a neat normal i was just curious for further input and thanks for helping me get the photo corrected.

I admit I shouldve looked at more pictures of womas before posting this. I just went through a bunch real quick and i was basing my original question off of one picture of one woma bp I came across on MM feel a bit foolish now. :sweat_smile:

Very cool normal

Originally i had no intentions to breed him but ive paired him up this year just to see if his patterens genetic and possibly work out supers down the road depending on how it works out.

Has reduced pattern and banding. Both are traits that are usually carried to offspring.

I work with Woma so I can say with a fair degree of authority that this is not one.