Woma Pythons: The Angry worm

Hopefully many more people will post on here and it won’t be just me sharing my angry worms. We have been breeding woma pythons for the last 8 years, it is the greatest joy to see those lil pearly white eggs and then to see those little orange heads poke out. So freaking cute



Nice! One of the guys here in Georgia just had his first clutch of woma eggs laid.

I have a woma she is as gentle as can be I will put up some pics once I get some :+1:

Beautiful! How many Womas do you work with?

i have 2 females and 2 males and growing up a third female.

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Oh look at those beautiful babies!!! :heart_eyes_cat:

My little woma guy is the most chill of all my snakes… he’s been that way since he was at the breeders. My last one was a turd though, he did that sneaky bite thing where one minute they’re innocently sniffing your arm and the next they’ve got their teeth sunk Into you and are warped around your arm trying desperately to strangle it. Good times!!

This is my chill little guy. His name is Crickey😛


Womas are ok I guess.