Wonderful Treefrog



I always admired almost every type of life on our planet. In almost every type of animal there is something to respect. The way they behave, the function they have in the eco system, their beauty of special abilities. Unfortunally, reptiles are not the most common ones you see in photographs or documentaries ( besides about how dangerous they are) The way you show them in your pictures makes me even admire them more. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. I just Love them … This world we live in is really full of the most amazing creatures.


Thankyou so much for your kind words. One of my aims wth my photography is to showcase the beauty of these animals. It’s amazing how many non reptle or animal people take notice of them

I wish humanity as a whole could stop and see the beauty in other life forms as easily as you seem to capture it @welshmorphology. If they could I bet their views would change quick on so many creatures.


Every time I see one of @welshmorphology photos, I can’t help but step back. They almost bring me to tears with how well those animals are represented. Because I know that if others outside our hobby saw the photographs, so many more animals could be appreciated the way they should be.
Thank you again, you bring so much joy to so many of us with your photography.