Wookie pos. Het clown pairing

Hey everyone!

So today I got a banana Wookie pos het clown male (female maker) in a trade. I currently own no clowns, but know Wookie does some cool things to clown. I’m looking to find a good female to pair him to, If his genetic test comes back positive for het clown.

Any thoughts? I’d think any of the darker genes, like ghi, cinny, black pastel, etc. also wonder how it would look with fire/rs/yb genes as well.

Looking forward to seeing what suggestions others may have. I’ll of course pay the picture tax, as soon as he sheds. I don’t want to introduce him when he’s not at 100%


So definitely a subjective opinion, but i feel like when you start stacking some of the dark morphs in clown they end up making a muddy looking animal and dulling some of the incredible patterns that makes clown so striking, unless you balance them out with some brightening morphs. Spotnose looks incredible with wookie, as does redstripe, but also those are popular morphs to combine. So you might want to decide whether you want to follow in Kinova’s footsteps and do something like this…

Black Pastel Redstripe YB Wookie Clown Ball Python by KINOVA - MorphMarket.

Or go off the beaten path and try something new.

I’d go for option two and actually pair with a hypo clown. It would take an extra generation, but banana wookie hypo clowns would be incredible and would tie in well with some of your other projects so you could do some cross overs. Yellowbelly also seems to work well with wookie and clown, so maybe get that in there too for extra contrast?


I think this option is something I’d rather do, as well. Don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff Kinova is producing with Wookie looks incredible, but I want to make myself stand out and not necessarily be competing with the exact same genes.

Plus as you mentioned, hypo would work itself into my other projects and give me a chance to expand slowly into clown with my other morphs.

Now the hunt for a hypo clown with whatever else in it would go great in this combo that won’t break the bank. Told my wife last night I’d want to buy a clown female to go with him, I’m sure she’ll be happy to know I’ve now UPGRADED my request to a hypo clown lol.


I have to respectfully disagree with @chesterhf on the subjective opinion :joy: I really like the look of ghi clowns, even just cinnamon clowns look cool! Also I think with the banana you would want to stay in darker morphs, so you can get some great contrast out of the banana clowns, with or without wookie. We all know banana can get pretty washed out as they age and almost can be a two tone looking python, but with darker morphs added it lessons that to some degree. I do like the idea of hypo, in non banana clowns especially. Great move for the long game, so I would get a ghi or blackhead, something dark that is a visual or definite het for clown and a visual hypo-if you can spare the cash! It’s sounding like a decent investment animal for sure! Reminder to pay the fee after shed!!!


100% going to save his shed and send it in. It’s kind of a lucky case where I got him - in shed. He’s set to shed in the next couple of days. If he is het, I’ll be ecstatic. The individual I traded him for was looking for a pied male to add to his females that are ready to go right now. Traded him an adult enchi pied for this guy.

I want to post pics but I know in shed photos won’t do him justice so I’m holding out until then

Edit: forgot to include as well, that he’s a female maker. Which sweetens the deal even more!


Alright, he shed today so I snagged a few pics. He’s got some intense purples and oranges popping on him, already. I know he’ll get better with age too!


Great color! Love the dorsal on him, as well as the wacky pattern!

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Sad news… got the genetic testing results back and he isn’t het clown.

He’s a female maker, which is definitely nice…. Debating still looking into getting a female clown hypo of sorts one day to get some double hets out of him… we’ll see.


Sorry for ya! On the other hand he is still such a striking snake! I would probably go the longer route and breed him to a clown female, as well as mix him in with some quality co dom females for some wacky wookie morph stuff! Point is I still think he could be a valuable breeder for you, even if it takes longer to get visual clowns then you were hoping. Also thanks for posting the test results, I know people will like to see exactly how they look!

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Of course, happy to share!

And I agree, I think that’s the route I’m going to go. I’ll have some chocolate stuff, and some Wookie stuff to just see how they compare.

Definitely still happy with him; and think he’ll be put to use soon!