World first Albino Spotted Mexican Milk snake

Well 10 years of work paid off this year, a few weeks ago I hatched what I have been working on since I originally invested in the Albino Mexican Milks in 2010.

In 2014 I bred Albino x Spotted, the nicest Spotted I have ever seen too. Got 9 eggs, 9 babies, all normal patterned. Stupid me only kept 1 pair. They started breeding in 2017 (eggs were laid in the open), I started keeping back their babies in 2018.
2018 - Male Albino possible het spotted, Female Spotted possible het albino (this pair bred this year, female is het albino, male didnt prove out as het spotted)
2019 - Female Albino poss het spotted
2020 - Male Spotted poss het albino
2021 - 3 female Albinos poss het spotted

Which brings us to 2022…
The pair of 2014 double hets gave me 8 good eggs, by far the most good eggs they ever gave me.
August 21 they started to hatch…
5 of the babies are just normal colored, some slightly aberrant.
The highlights are 1 Albino Spotted, 1 perfect Spotted, and 1 Albino that has a couple small spots might be het spotted.

What do you think?


I love the normal spotted! I hope all these babies do wonder for you. Congratulations!

Well, what is the gender of the perfect normal spotted?


Congrats! They’re beautiful!


Beautiful neos, congrats on your perseverance paying off.


Such an awesome clutch with some absolutely killer babies :fire:


The Spotted and Albino Spotted are females. The “normal” albino is male, and might be het spotted.

Just more holdbacks like always lol.

But their 1.3 normal colored possible het albino spotted siblings can go.


They’re both beautiful, congratulations! It must feel great to have all your planning and patience finally pay off. Really gorgeous babies! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is such a dope project @mikefedzen

Congratulations! That is such an accomplishment!

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I cant wait to make nicer ones.

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New pics of the (female) Albino Spotted and the (female) perfect Spotted possible het albino.

This will be the last pics of them for like a year lol. Wait till you see the change.


Don’t do that to me lol, that normal perfect spotted one deserves to have more pictures taken. Lol :joy:.