World first Hypermel Light Ghost Cal King

And I hatched 2 of them. Both males.
Breeding was 2019 Light Ghost het hypermel albino x 2016 Het light ghost hypermel albino, from the Joker line. The het ghost females mom was a Joker (paradox Blizzard), the Light Ghost was produced from the het female or her sister.

Not easy getting good pics to really showcase these things, I only know what they are because Ive hatched so many lol.

The Hypermel Light Ghost morph is a combo of Palomar Ghost and Hypermelanistic (both single simple recessive genes) and the Banana/High White trait (more of a linebred thing).

And here are some of the siblings

Chocolate Banana het ghost

Albino het ghost



Which one is your favorite?


Thr chocolate banana looks good but all of them do.

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I really like the dark pattern of the chocolate banana. It is simply beautiful :relaxed:

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Never seen a black snake I didn’t love. But, I’m also a big fan of the first of those two hets!


I just love how the chocolate banana pattern is suble but visible. I love all the different morphs but if i was buying, itd be the chocolate banana for me. Besides i live chocolate banana anything :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

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New pic of a female Hypermel Light Ghost.

Very very hard to capture their coloration with my phone. Basically a shiny brown snake.