World first "Phantom Glow" California Kingsnake

Back in 2019 I bred a 2015 Banana het ghost male to a 2015 Corwin Hypo het ghost female. From the breeding I kept a nice aberrant Banana (het hypo poss het ghost) male and a Lightish Ghost (het hypo) female. The Ghost x Corwin Hypo combo is called Coral Ghost, those are still rare. But I was aiming to produce the Light phase Coral Ghost.

Here is a pic of the male Banana Aberrant het hypo poss het ghost as a baby.

This year I bred him back to his Hypo het ghost mom.

5 eggs, 4 stayed good till hatching time.

From the clutch I got nearly every single possible combination. He proved out as het ghost.

  • normal
  • Corwin Hypo
  • Light Ghost (Ghost x Banana)
  • World first Phantom Glow (Ghost x Hypo x Banana

And here are the pics of the babies after their first shed -

Which one is your favorite?

(My first hatched) Corwin Hypo male

Light Ghost het hypo female

Phantom Glow male

Cant wait to breed the Phantom Glow to his older sibling sister, a Super Light Ghost het hypo and make some Super Phantom Glows.


Have to say the phantom glow is my favorite, the colors and crazy pattern are amazing! I am also really drawn to the corwin hypo, such a beautiful banded pattern, with the soft muted colors really is nice. They are all crazy, one thing I liked about breeding kings is the mix you can get from a single clutch! Great looking snakes!

The funky patterns are awesome!

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These guy is my personal favorite. I love the brown and white bands.

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That skull stamp on top of its head is pretty awesome too!!


New pic of the male PhantomGlow.