Worried my Crested Gecko isn't Growing

So I’ve had my crested gecko Penny since the middle of August, and I’m concerned that she/he (Don’t know her gender yet, but I’m going to call her a she) isn’t growing. I don’t know how heavy she was when I got her (Didn’t have access to anything to weigh her) but once I got home, I weighed her and she’s only three grams. I feel like that’s still too small for a crested gecko that is at least four-five months old. Should I be worried, or is this normal? And is there anything I can do to help her gain weight a little more quickly?

Feeding soft-bodied bugs (like dubias, very small hornworms or silkworms, or the occasional waxworm) will help to speed up their growth. Other than that just be sure that it always/almost always has food available.

Thank you! I’m definitely going to try to get my hands on some of these, for both of my geckos:)

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No that is a reasonable weight for that age. But not a reasonable weight to be sold at (my opinion). So many things can go wrong at such a young age if not given proper care.

I feed my little geckos crickets and I will feed dubia roaches but I fear them getting out.

Do not feed wax worms this small they will be too big for your gecko

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I wrote and thought I sent a message to you 3 days ago she apparently I didn’t send.

So 3g for a 5 month old is small… He or she judging by that may be a slow grower for you.

Any pics of the lil one?

Wax worms as a treat are absolutely fine. But treat only! Not to be given a lot or he/she will become addicted.
And defo crickets 2/3 times a week.
And that age your gecko will be fine eating them. I give them to mine younger x

Maybe you find wax worms smaller then I do as I can’t find any small enough to feed to babies :pensive:

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Even big ones they’re ok, as squishy!
But check out wax worms uk x


My 6-month old weighs in at 6 grams. Bugs have definitely helped as my first round of babies grew extremely slow. And after wax worms, mine seem to eat more of their CGD. :woman_shrugging:

With that said, I think 3g is okay for that age, but I also would not have sold. Some just grow super slow. They’re weird like that. :joy:

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Well, She’s grown to 4 grams now, and I’ve been noticing more growth happening lately. I’ve been making sure she has plenty of food available, and I think it’s really helping:)


That’s really good to hear, glad your cresties is gaining weight. I find that move gain weight shower in the winter months & grow faster in the summer months.

Would love to see a pic of your gecko :grin:

Here she/he is! Gorgeous little gecko, just has Dal spots, so she/he will not be breeding here.


Very cute :+1: to be fair your gecko looks healthy. And at long as she’s moving about, pooping and eating okay… Then I wouldn’t worry too much. Dinner cresties are slow growers or have growth spurts at certain times of year.

Given she still has growing to do, she may get more spots.

I’m trying to avoid spots in my patterned geckos, that being said…I did bed Vanilla last year and she is a Dal spot, however I wish to get a mini her without spots :crossed_fingers: I will be keeping track of how many babies get spots

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I also received my gecko at 3 grams. Now he is growing fairly quickly. The main things that I noticed made my gecko grow faster where heat and humidity.