Worrying care video's on youtube

This. Inexperienced people shouldn’t be making the videos at all, but I think it’s unfortunately becoming normalized. I’m a rehabilitator with 5+ years of experience and everyone acts like I’m being a gatekeeper when I try to explain that it’s not just a word you can throw around. Quantity is not the same as quality either—some people can’t see that collecting a bunch of animals doesn’t mean you’re an expert at them.

When there’s 18 year olds on tiktok with millions of followers that act as experts, and their care is having 30 baby pet frogs in 12x12x18 exo terras on paper towels eating nothing but mealworms, and THOUSANDS of people are watching these ‘care guides’? That’s a problem that creates more problems (nothing to do with age either, but the care). Someone’s got to say it. The 5-minutes-on-google education method people normalize is real issue.


It’s horrible to see. I have watched several YouTube videos that have been helpful in helping me learn, but others then think…I can do that! When they really shouldn’t.

When I got my first reptile - a crested gecko, care wasn’t as good as it is now. That wasn’t me… It was back in the days where there wasn’t many rules about selling and not much info on keeping, I had read so many books prior to getting my Crestie but still the quality of life for my Crestie wasn’t as good as it would be now. I’ve learnt so much over the years because there is always something to learn… But then there are some people that got reptiles many years ago and never bothered to check later if what they are doing is right but because they haven’t had issues they think they are right when clearly they are not.

This problem won’t ever go away, but we can at least give our opinion.

I saw the video, I didn’t watch it all as I didn’t need to! I gave a thumbs down hopefully if enough of us do this… Then future reptile owners might think twice about the video and see the it is useless. :crossed_fingers:


Just expressed what I feel and think about the all thing on his/her comment section.thks to put it in front of me.


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