Would it be possible to add a trait tag for "het ultra OR amel"?

Currently there is no good way to tag a corn snake who is either 100% het ultra OR 100% het amel. Since these mutations are allelic, if one parent is a visual ultramel and the other is not, all of the babies will receive one copy of either ultra or amel. I see people sometimes list their ad as 100% het amel and 100% het ultra (which is incorrect because being het for both would make a visual ultramel). Other people choose to simply not use those trait tags at all, since it’s inaccurate, and simply list the hets in their description. But it would be nice to be able to accurately select “het ultra OR amel”.


This is the same issue we have with traits like YB and Gravel in Balls, and something we have on the list to improve :blush:

This is semi related also:


Same thing with offspring of those visual Motley corns who are het Motley and het Stripe. All offspring will be het for Motley OR Stripe. Not both, and no way to know which until it’s old enough to breed. Of course those of us who have a solid handle on this can sort it out “beyond” the calculator in a manner of speaking. But you’re absolutely right, Olivia. Having the correct button would make it simpler, and easier to understand for those who are learning.