Would like some ID opinions on 3 hatchlings

I wanted to wait until these shed out before asking what everyone thinks. They just shed today.

The Sire is a Mahogany Pied. The Dam was sold to me as a Mojave Pied, but two breeders have told me that they think she also may have Pastel. I don’t really see it, but this clutch has me wondering. Clutch was 3 eggs and 3 slugs.

Mom as a hatchling:

Hatchling 1:

Hatchling 2:

Hatchling 3:

Thanks for your help!


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I really don’t believe that that the damn has Pastel. In fact, it is obvious that your girl, at least in the hatchling picture, lacks the prominent eye stripe that is usually present in most Mojave and Pastave Pieds. Some things is amiss but your clutch is beautiful just the same. Hope a better expert can point you further in the right direction.


I agree with @graysnake … mom looks nothing like a typical mojo pied. Here is mine for reference. Same snake as hatching and adult.

However her first clutch did give me a mojo pied without the eye stripes. She was paired to a bp dh albino pied. I ended up with a mojo pied, a bp pied, and a black magic pied. ( plus some other stuff not relevant).


Thanks for the replies so far. To me #3 is a Mahogany Pied. I don’t see Mojave or Pastel there. #1 and #2 seem very different from each other. I believe I see Mojave in both, but also something else?

Why can’t I ever get an easy to ID clutch? :slight_smile: