Would Love Opinions On This Pied

Hello Community!
This snake at work intrigues me. He’s labeled as a Super Pastel Pied (Blonde Line). There is no pairing info or purchase info that I can find. Please excuse my face and the photos.

I’m guessing Firefly Pied? What do you think he is? Can you give me your reasoning behind the ID?


We need to see the whole snake, not just a section of the side pattern.

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There is more pictures of the snake @westridge

Edit* just realize that possibly the op only included the first picture before a edit, if so sorry for calling you out @westridge

It’s a carousel picture

*Edited post to display pictures easier.

I’m not great w pieds but that head is giving me an enchi vibe, wide eye stripes, the way they meet at back if head and down bottom jaw. Head looks a bit darker than I’d expect for a super pastel but pied does weird things and he has some size to him.

You said he’s “at work”. I’m assuming they’re not a basement breeder then and I would be professional enough to have it labeled correctly.

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Plenty of basement breeders are on the ball lol. I agree with the super pastel Id. I’m not seeing fire in this snake or enchi. Enchi pieds are super low white and no head stamp or lightening of the yellow tells me no fire.


I agree, that wasn’t a criticism on basement breeders, especially as I am 1(20-30 clutches/litters a yr) and operate w the same integrity as if I was 1 of the big names, as do the others I know and I’m sure the majority. 1 of the things I love about this hobby community is although a bit different from the mainstream almost everyone I encounter in it is a genuine good person. It was more of if someone is doing it big enough to have employees or a store front I would want to believe they are even more so. Although as we all know in any field size has never = honesty/integrity.

I always thought enchi added pattern back into pied, but like I said not the best w pieds. That and DG are this years pick up plan to add to the collection.

Thanks everyone. There are snakes from very reputable breeders here and the workers love the snakes and take good care of them, but aren’t really into the genetic side of things and try their best wth IDing combos. Most are college students, so they come and go every few years. I’ve found a few animals that had extra genes or were mislabeled. Was wondering if this one was one of those. He’s so much brighter than the ones I see on morph market.

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I haven’t produced a lot of pieds myself either. Hatched some super nice ones last year. Enchi pied has very very little white.

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