Would you consider adding an 'expos' category?

I think it would be nice to have a consolidated place that showed what expos are coming up and where they are located.


That would be cool :slight_smile:


That’s a cool idea.


Great idea!! I cant usually find good ones here. Only 1 decent one (I say decent because theres too many ball pythons and bearded dragons geckos and all the herps I wouldn’t be interested in having). Still fun to go look though.


This is actually something that we did in the past and we have discussed doing again…


Although it wasn’t a category, it showed the same results. Though, It would be nice to have expos listed and be able to filter them by date/distance/etc :+1:


Would it be possible to get a calendar of upcoming shows? Maybe with an adjustable search radius? There are some smaller shows in my area that I would never have known about without some extensive Google searching, and I know I saw some MM breeders at those shows.


Tagging @eaglereptiles and @john in on this

I worry that there would never be a comprehensive enough list though. Also, not sure about the fuzzy factor of perhaps appearing to endorse shows


I can understand your concerns, but anything would be better than the hunt and peck method we have now. I think the community as a whole understands that MorphMarket doesn’t necessarily endorse any of the specific breeders that have listings, and would apply that same mentality to shows that choose to share date and location information. Perhaps a statement on the page for the calendar to the effect of: “MorphMarket does not endorse or oversee any of the shows on this calendar. All information is provided by the organizers of the listed shows. Please contact the show organizers directly with any questions or concerns regarding the accuracy of the information provided.” I think at the end of the day, the gratitude for having a tool that benefits both breeders and searchers would outweigh the occasional complainer.


I would support this kind of feature as well, it would be interesting if there was a map as well for finding nearby shows, especially if it isn’t exclusive to just the US. My worry is getting proper verification from show organizers, though, because you can’t just take the word of random forum users as evidence that there actually is a show happening. It may be too much of a hassle, but it would be very helpful if it could be managed.


Maybe on the existing Morph Map, with a building instead of the colored snake? And link to the show’s website?


I think it’s a great idea, but I just don’t think MM has the time or man power to do something like that right now. If anything it would mainly point out the larger shows. Putting up a calendar for shows and having it automated on the site takes up more technological stuff behind the things that we know about. That cost money, and to make money MM could offer advertising those shows. Sometimes smaller shows don’t want to pay for advertising, and I believe that is what would happen. The best thing to do in 2022 is to start a “Show Thread” and do USA / Europe (each have their own) and people who know when shows are happening mention it in the thread. The first post is updated according to dates of shows.


I think there would need to be a way to have shows found by users. If there were a way to have it by location (like the morphmap or sorted by state in the forums) I think it would work best.


We can make a wiki topic, so that users that find out about new shows can edit the original post.


And that way it kind of be like a private forum thing but if you’re part of the forum you can get it.

@eaglereptiles what do you think of this idea?

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Warning! Lotsa quoting below :upside_down_face: there’s a lot to unpack from such a small thread :blush:

I like Rileys idea of creating a Wiki but the layout might need to be worked out… also

And the addition of this as a notice at the top…

… but also

It is something we have/are thought/thinking about though. And if we were to implement such a feature, this is a fantastic idea…

Oh, wait, I already answered this… feel free to get the ball rolling!


So, do you want me to start a wiki thread? Use the thing you were doing with the location of members. So let states be drop downs where you would put info of the show?

And we can work out dynamics later on if this becomes too complicated?


I reread your post, I will start on it right now


Showing my age here, but I’m not familiar with wiki threads. Would that still show up on MorphMarket ? Or where would it be posted?

It’s been posted here: Find Reptile Expos Near You (Wiki)

You can edit the post if there are any you want to add!

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It’s a feature we’d like to add to the market site in the future.