Wow i like this New enclosure ❤️

I just got a Reptizoo 12x12x18 enclosure. Wow :exploding_head: I love that it was easy to assemble, has a deep substrate base, is front opening with lock as well as locking removable screen top. This enclosure also has a nice port in the side of the glass to run tubes such as my automatic watering system, it also has mutiple places at the top to also be able to run my heat/humidity probe or hoses for water etc.
This enclosure has a wopping 7 inch base leaving 9 inches from substrate to top. I will be able to make a nice bioactive build with this, nice drainage layer and deep substrate for nice root systems. I will likely build this now as bioactive even though i don’t currently have an animal in mide for it, the plants will be well established by then.


That looks like a nice one. Seems like it’ll be fun to build in.

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I believe so too! I still dont know what animal will go in there but i found this neat skull decoration and i thought it would look cool with plant growing up through it.