Wrinkles when curled?

So I recently noticed my ball python tends to have some odd wrinkles when he turns sharply? It doesn’t show when he’s only loosely curled. I’m just a bit paranoid being new to owning a ball python, and would love to clarify if it’s normal or something else like dehydration. For humidity, I keep it in the low 60s, and temperatures on the warm side alternate between 88-89F, cool side stays in the 75-80F range. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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it just looks like some jelly rolls to me nothing wrong he’s not overweight or dehydrated i don’t think you should be too worried


Yep seems like a healthy ball right there. I notice more wrinkles on my snakes when they are close to a shed so that could be another cause.


Just got some rolls. I use to message @eaglereptiles all the time about the rolls on my snake. He would tell me to relax that it’s fine. :joy:


Just extra skin he should grow into soon, nothing to worry about :slight_smile: